Yeah, officer, that’s him.
So, who is Walter Thurman?
Disclaimer: a person “claiming” to be a “professional” wrote the following. He has since been dragged into the street and shot.
Our Values: (hint: we have none)
Leadership: Please. My ribs are in pain because of the laughing...
Teamwork: There is no “I” in teamwork. You see? I can spell.
Customer Relations: I love customers. If you grill them with teriyaki sauce, they taste just like chicken.
Bio from his FBI file: Walter Thurman started back in 1973. Unfortunately, he never got off his butt long enough to actually make his presence known on the web until 2004.
He was born and raised in Redlands, California. His mother made sure we told you that. We don’t know why, so stop asking.
He attended the University of California, San Diego, where he double-majored in Sitting Around and Wasting His Parent’s Money. He minored in History. He remembers very little of his college years, due to a tragic accident with oil-based house paint.
Mr. Thurman is a novelist, which means “he who drinks too much” in his native English. He has been married to his lovely wife, Michelle, for more years than he is capable of counting.  
He has completed many novels, including Hunting Aardvarks - Lesson 1, along with its cleverly titled sequel Hunting Aardvarks - Lesson 2. He hopes to have them ready for publication before Social Security goes bankrupt.
He lives with his wife outside Tacoma, Washington, with their dog Daisy and cat Mindy, a pair of mongrel beasts whose anger issues result in Mr. Thurman’s regular trips to the ER for rabies shots. He seems to enjoy them.
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