Turns out I’ve written some books. Seriously.
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My titles are not what you would call clever, but it makes labeling them on my hard drive a snap
Hunting Aardvarks - Lesson 1: Keep up or take notes! is done.  If you or someone you love is interested in reading this manuscript, let me know.  If you make it through the webmaster’s spam filter, you might have a chance at reading it.
Hunting Aardvarks - Lesson 2: Blame it on Rio! is almost done. Now if only I could make the voices be quiet.  They say alcohol works. Maybe electroshock therapy will do the trick.  Where are my keys...
Testimonials from our loyal readers. Both of them.
I’ve received one comment about the website so far, so here it is, unedited, for your viewing pleasure.
Dear Webmaster,
After viewing the site Walter Thurman.com, I feel it is my civic duty to contact you. I don't know what line of crap Walter Thurman sold you to get his own website, but it's really a BAD idea. Trust me... I know him. While Walter appears very friendly and charming on the surface, he's not what we in the medical profession refer to as "mentally stable." In fact, at times, he can be quite deranged. Just ask "Tom" how his hygienic ... oh, never mind, long story. So in the interest of public safety, internet decency (what's left of it), and good conscience, I respectfully request that you terminate his access and send his website to the Recycle Bin.
Mark Schildt, M.D.
P.S. Please don't tell him I sent you this... he thinks I'm his "friend."
I added a fake one, mostly because I can.
Dear Walter Thurman.com,
Thank you for providing such a valuable service! Your staff was extremely helpful, especially for a bunch of meth addicts, and I am so happy with the downloads I received from your site. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as professionally and respectfully as you do, but without all the whining and shouting, and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends, neighbors, random people I see on the street, old friends of yours from high school that you haven’t seen or talked to in ten years, and my therapist. Oh, and the restraining order is in the mail.
Yours truly,
Books by Walter Thurman